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Featured ProductHigh Diffuse Reflector Material
for LED and Fluorescent Lighting

WHITEOPTICS™ White97 is a unique, patent-pending polyethylene fiberbased composite film with exceptional diffuse reflectance properties that enhances fixture efficiency providing an opportunity for energy and cost savings.

White97 total reflection is greater than 97% and specular reflection is less than 8%. It is available in 0.018”(.5mm) thick and in rolls up to 48” wide, standard sheets of 24”x48” as well as almost any custom cut. Film is available with or without Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and release film.

Ideally suited for any fixture in which trapped light reduces fixture efficiency.


A.L.P. Europe Ltd, founded as a UK Ltd Company in July 2000, has quickly grown from being the European sales and distribution subsidiary of A.L.P. Lighting Components Inc., to becoming an integral part of the A.L.P. Corporate global operation responsible for the commercial, sales and operational activity of the European, Middle East, Far East, African and Australasian markets.

As the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of lighting components, A.L.P. offer a diverse range of products for the lighting OEM.

Key product offerings include, prismatic lenses, specialist lenses, aluminium louvres, plastic louvres, retrofit products and reflectors, wiring devices, waterproof enclosures and adjustable suspension systems.

Supported by A.L.P.'s six manufacturing sites in the USA and Mexico, A.L.P. Europe has dovetailed manufacturing experience and expertise with the requirements of local markets, ensuring at all times that the clients' needs are always fully understood.

Key to our strategic development is making the OEM product line available in the local market and ensuring lead times are kept to an absolute minimum. A.L.P. has now established, in addition to our local distributors, in-depth stocking centres in Melbourne, Singapore, Johannesburg, Dubai and Copenhagen.

It is clear that to maintain our position as the global leader we must continue to develop new products, ensure the products are available locally through clear uncomplicated supply management and continue to listen to the local market as well as take into consideration the global picture.