LexaLite® Europe
822 Reflexor®

This energy efficient 22" diameter prismatic Reflexor is designed to be used in either open or closed luminaires for industrial, commercial and decorative lighting.

Lumieo® S84

Premium white acrylic LED sheet which provides both high transmission and excellent lamp hiding capabilities.

Delta De-Glaring Prism

Offers an outstanding de-glaring performance with a reduced material. The reduced height and less weight will enable even slimmer lighting solutions.

Bright View Technologies

G Series patterns give excellent glare control and good lamp obscuration, with unrivalled efficiency through its unique micro structure design.

A.L.P. Europe Suspension Systems

Flexible suspension kits

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LED Diffusion

Diffusers offer smooth light diffusion and high efficiency that meet requirements of solid state and traditional lighting. They provide both high transmission and excellent lamp hiding capabilities.

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LED Control

Offering a range of products to ensure lighting OEM’s have the directional control of LEDs using lenses, films and collimators.

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LED Reflection

Reflectors provide ultra-high reflectivity for use in lighting, illumination, displays and signage. Our reflectors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and thicknesses.

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LexaLite® Europe

An industry leading provider of engineered thermoplastic injection molded components. A.L.P. LexaLite is recognized for designing and manufacturing the finest optical lighting components.