• A.L.P. Europe Light & Build 2018 —Beam Angle Management

    We would like to thank all of our customers and potential customers who kindly took the time to visit our stand at Light & Build Frankfurt 2018.

    We were proud to announce a number of new product launches at the show, including Lumieo® Infinity – continuous acrylic diffuser, Makrolon® SHARP – Polycarbonate Glare Control, AGP – acrylic hex prism Glare control, not to mention a varied new selection of products unveiled by BrightView.

    The A.L.P. Europe product range now encompasses all aspects of beam angle management of Glare Control and Diffusion for LED lighting in both film and rigid sheet formats.  Continuing innovation of the product range maintains A.L.P. Europe’s position at the forefront of lighting technology solutions.

    For TPa glare control solutions, Covestro’s new SHARP polycarbonate features peak shielding technology, controlling high angle brightness of the LED source, offering a pleasing aesthetic when used without a lamp hiding substrate.

    Continued development by Sewon for glare control solutions, AGP is an acrylic glare control solution.  Using a hex structure pattern, the AGP is a cost effective alternative to Polycarbonate, where TPa ratings are not required.  Available in both 2mm and 3mm thickness, AGP can help achieve UGR 19 in most applications.

    A.L.P. Europe work closely with our product partners to ensure we have the highest quality products available in the marketplace.  We strive to continually innovate our products to remain at the forefront of LED lighting glare control and diffusion.  We look forward to sharing our expertise with you during 2018 and beyond.

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