• New products now available!

    Innovation and development continues at A.L.P. Europe and our partners.

    A new range of LED diffusers and glare control products, are about to be launched.

    They will exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, keeping us at the forefront of diffusion and glare control technology in LED lighting.

    Our new polycarbonate products include:

    DX SKY – clear LED diffusion – 90% high light transmission with a twist on traditional diffusion!

    DX Tpa – 1.5mm and 2mm Tpa rated polycarbonate

    DX Bright – 1.5mm to 3mm 72% transmission diffuser

    DX High – 1.5mm to 3mm – our 80% transmission diffuser

    Our glare control range has a new addition too………..

    AGP Acrylic 

    Available in 2mm from stock, and available in 3050mm length sheets. AGP has a unique hex prism design and is an ideal choice for UGR 19 glare control for almost any size and type of luminaire.

    Continuous Diffuser Film

    Up to 150 metre lengths will also be available from early 2019.   Our V series film offers all of the benefits of LED diffusion film, and can easily be cut to length on site for continuous runs of luminaire configurations.

    For more information on these exciting new products contact the A.L.P. sales team.

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