Bright View B Series


By taking a single light source and splitting the light, Bright View’s cutting edge technology creates a batwing light distribution. This allows even light for wall washing, corridor lighting applications and retail space, too.

Bright View patent-pending BrightWing™ diffusers provide an efficient “batwing” distribution to help luminaires achieve a flat-field beam profile, uniformly illuminating a floor or work surface without a central hot-spot. They work equally well with LED and fluorescent sources.


Luminaires with flat-field distributions can usually provide highly-uniform illumination at a greater ceiling spacing than their lambertian counterparts. Light distributions are determined by the light source, cavity geometry, and choice of diffuser. For this reason, Bright View offers several options in the B-series as well as application engineering to help optimize light designs. Request the Batwing Applications Notes for more detailed information.

Pdf-IconBright View B-Series (Batwing – Linear)