Covestro Makrolon® SX Shark


Makrolon® SX = Shaping eXcellence.

Solid Makrolon® SX Shark sheets are clear polycarbonate sheets with a concave linear shaped prismatic optic on one side and gloss surface on the other, and is specifically designed for anti-glare function in lighting. Makrolon SX Shark features a combination of high light transmission and light shaping. When compared to other prismatic products, Makrolon SX Shark sheets have superior impact strength and toughness, which exceeds the physical properties of other thermoplastics and glass.

Makrolon SX

You´ll benefit from:

  • extreme optical efficiency
  • very good light shaping properties at low thickness
  • resistance to wide range of temperature


  • LED fixtures for functional and decorative lighting, luminaires,
  • LED retrofits of fluorescent lamps,
  • non-lighting design applications.

Available in:

  • 3mm sheet thickness
  • Dimension: 1250 x 2050

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