Exolon DX Sky

Prismatic diffusors are commonly made with fairly big structures (e.g. 5mm). These structures generally work perfectly with bigger light sources that have a larger light emitting surface (e.g. T8 fluorescent lamps). But do not work correctly for smaller light sources like LEDs structures with smaller dimensions. Because of this, Exolon has developed the Exolon DX Sky LED based luminaire, so that a homogenous light emitting area with fair glare control can now be obtained for those small light emitting surfaces.

The colourless transparent diffusor sheet Exolon DX Sky is designed to distribute the light uniformly with a light intensity distribution curve best suited for most common lighting applications.

The best way to diffuse light is through a micro lens array, or a so called microstructure. This pre-determined geometric shape arranged in a hexagonal grid results in optimized control over the light distribution and an optically better product than one would achieve with a frosted surface or a simple surface pattern. The resultant scattering profile is almost 22° with straight edges and almost no light losses except for Fresnel losses.

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