Exolon RX

Exolon RX = Reflection eXcellence

Opaque Exolon RX (Reflection eXcellence) offer extremely high light reflectance even in higher thicknesses, providing the rare combination of dimensional stability and rigidity with high reflectance. When used as back-reflector, it reduces light losses by light recycling, driving LOR values up. When used with matt surfacing, it can even increase luminance uniformity.


Exolon RX can be formed into a variety of 3D shapes, making it a viable option to be considered for enclosures or housing while still remaining highly reflective. It can therefore significantly reduce costs of painting, powder coating or lamination.

Two types for every taste are available:

  • Exolon RX
    is an ultra-white opaque sheet offering a combination of high light reflectance in the LED spectral range together with its very high opacity. Exolon RX exhibits high gloss surface.
  • Exolon RX-FR
    is a white opaque sheet offering high light reflection in the LED spectral range and exhibits silk-matt surface which aids the diffuse reflectance of the incident light. Highly flame-retarding Makrolon® RX-FR comes with a UL94-V0 listed flammability rating.

You´ll benefit from:

  • extreme high light diffuse reflection and high opacity at the same time
  • excellent fire properties
  • extreme impact strength
  • resistance to wide range of temperature


  • flat and thermoformed reflectors,
  • components of lamp interiors,
  • external (housing) parts,
  • indirect lighting
  • back reflectors in edge-lit panels.

Available in:

  • 1.0 to 4.0 mm sheet thickness
  • Dimension: 2.050 x 1.250 mm

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