Exolon SX Sharp

Exolon SX = Shaping eXcellence.

Solid Exolon SX SHARP sheets are clear polycarbonate sheets with a microstructure optic on one side and gloss surface on the other.  It is specifically designed for glare control function in lighting.  Exolon SX SHARP features a combination of high light transmission and light shaping, together with peak shielding technology for improved visual aesthetics.

Makrolon SX

You´ll benefit from:

  • extreme optical efficiency
  • very good light shaping properties (de-glare) at low thickness
  • good fire behaviour – self-extinguishing solution


  • LED fixtures for functional glare control lighting, luminaires, especially in office lighting
  • LED retrofits of fluorescent lamps,
  • Controlled forwarding light from any kind of light source

Available in:

  • 3mm sheet thickness
  • Dimension: 1650 x 3050 mm

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