Photometry and testing

Photometry Lab Gives Customers the Competitive Advantage

LexaLite® Brand of A.L.P. Lighting Components is pleased to announce that its photometry lab can perform absolute goniophotometry per the requirements of LM-79. This includes efficacy (lumens per watt) as well as traditional distribution and intensity measurements. Pricing for testing will be quoted based on the fixture and measurement requirements.

While today only LED fixtures are subject to the LM-79 protocol, we already perceive the benefits of testing induction and linear fluorescent fixtures using absolute photometry as well. Any light source that is subject to significant variation in lumen output between ambient and operating temperatures should be tested using absolute photometry. Absolute photometry eliminates misleading fixture efficiency results from temperature sensitive lamps by providing the comparable metric of lumens per watt. An example is a T5 fluorescent fixture that may show efficiency near 90%, when perhaps 15% of this is the thermal effect of the lamp putting out 15% more lumens at operating temperature versus ambient temperature.

In today’s competitive marketplace, time is money.  The quicker you can get your products evaluated and documented, the quicker you can get them to market.

And knowledge is power!  With designers and end-users demanding energy efficiency and maximum fixture performance, data make a critical difference in specification and purchasing decisions.   Offered to A.L.P. customers at our cost, as a value-added service, and the entire industry for a modest fee, testing can help you do more and sell more.

The lab is equipped with an OWL/ITL Mirror Photometer that can accommodate fluorescent fixtures of up to 4′ x 4′ and HID fixtures to 30″+ diameter.  The facility includes a ballast rack for running all common wattages of HID lamps to 1000 watts.

It is temperature controlled to meet standard testing protocols, and all reporting is issued in IES format.  For integrity, the lab’s performance is verified with annual round-robin testing.

Additional testing equipment includes:

  • A 50′ tunnel for testing narrow beam signals, beacons, flood lights, emergency lights, etc.
  • A heat test lab for evaluating maximum operating temperatures for fixtures.
  • A weathering chamber for low temperature (<65°C) UVA and UVB discoloration testing.
  • Eight custom “Whirlygig” 400W metal halide UV testing chambers for higher temperature testing (up to 120°C).

A.L.P., always your reliable component partner, is now your reliable service partner, too.