Sentry Elite® LED Enclosure

Sentry Elite® LED combines the benefits of LED technology with the features OEMs have come to rely upon in the flagship Sentry series. Sentry Elite LED utilizes gear tray internal construction for cost effectiveness and functional practicality by minimizing required metal components. Drivers mount to the driver tray for thermal isolation. The Sentry Elite housing is sealed against dust and moisture and available in a variety of lens, latch, and wire-entry configurations. Suitable with use @ 40° C ambient using up to a 30W source.

Features and Benefits

  • Rigid one piece housing construction.
  • Two 1/4-28 brass studs molded into back of housing for attachment of optional mounting brackets.
  • En-seal™ gasketing provides superior resistance to moisture absorption versus conventional gasketing.
  • Lens retained by six captive flush mounted latches.
  • Molded latch pockets compatible with standard and tamper-proof latches in white acetal, and stainless steel.
  • Gear trays secured to #10-32 brass studs molded into housing via threaded hex steel mounting standoffs.
  • LED Module tray available for two rows of nominal 22” LED boards.
  • LED Module tray suspends from housing by two security straps during servicing.

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Sentry Elite® 4′